Lawyer's Escrow Service Inc

Nashville Office:
2021 Richard Jones Road, Suite 220
Nashville, TN 37215


Phone: 615-320-3262

About us

Lawyer's Escrow Service, Inc

Our Team

Green Hills Office

Shannon Philbin
CEO/Sr. Closing Coordinator

Denny Bennett
President/General Counsel

Jill Connors
Vice President

Nick Greco
Attorney/Primary Beazer Homes Closer

Emily May
Escrow Officer
Beazer Homes Closing Coordinator

Melody Jenkins
Sr. Closing Coordinator
for Bob Scruggs

Bob Scruggs
Attorney/Strategic Partner

Rob Philbin
Closing Assistant
Post Closing

Cole Dixon
Closing Processor

Mt. Juliet Office

Nixon Pressley
Secretary/Staff Counsel/Strategic Partner

Kim Kindall
Sr. Closing Coordinator

Leslie Loughlin
Marketing Manager
Sr. Closing Coordinator

Dani Free
Processor/Closing Assistant

Gail Porter
Part-time Assistant

Lawyer's Escrow Service, Inc

Our History

In 1975, Michael J. Philbin and his law partners founded Lawyer’s Escrow Service, Inc. From 1975 to 1998, Lawyer’s Escrow was owned by Mr. Philbin and the other Members of the law firm of Taylor, Philbin, Pique, Marchetti & Bennett and its predecessors. In 1998 Lawyer’s Escrow was transferred to the sole ownership of Mike, who continued to own and operate it until his untimely death in 2015. At that time Shannon Philbin, Mike’s wife, who had been active in the business since 1998, succeeded to ownership, and Denny Bennett, Mike’s former law partner, succeeded Mike as President of the company and resumed his law practice with Nixon Pressley as the successor partnership in Mike’s law firm and a key affiliate of Lawyer’s Escrow.

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