Lawyers Escrow Service, Inc. (“LES”) is an independent, full-service provider of comprehensive services as the Settlement Agent in connection with real estate transactions of all kinds.

LES operates state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure specific to the real estate business including Stewart Title’s transaction management and closing software, AIM+ and SureClose.

Through these automated tools LES creates and aggregates the documents required for the completion of a real estate purchase/sale transaction is it progresses through the closing preparation process from contract to title search and title insurance commitment, loan commitment, completion of inspection, meeting of all closing contingencies, assembly of the complete package of lender and title-insurer approved documents, closing, and issuance of title insurance.

LES’ services can include:

  • Receipt, secure holding, and distribution of escrowed funds
  • Assistance with drafting, review, and negotiation of contracts or leases (through its President who is a Tennessee-licensed attorney also in private practice of law)
  • Obtaining title search and abstract to determine existence of any liens or other blemishes on title
  • Obtaining commitment for owner’s and lender’s title insurance
  • Onboarding mortgage loan packages and working with lender and other parties to the transaction to satisfy lender requirements in connection with closing of loan enabling the purchase of real estate
  • Working with builders, lenders, brokers, buyers, sellers, and other service providers to coordinate and document the steps necessary to satisfy conditions and remove contingencies and proceed to closing of transaction
  • Host and conduct the closing, supervising the review and execution of all required documents
  • Receipt of lender and/or buyer funds and distribution of those funds in accordance with the settlement statement prepared by LES and agreed upon by all parties
  • Post-closing completions of deed recordings and issuance of owner’s and lender’s title insurance policies

  • Whether you’re a lessor or lessee of real estate, a real estate firm, agent or broker, a lender, a buyer or seller, whether of residential or commercial real estate, make LES your competent and trusted provider of the full array of real estate transaction services that are essential to confident completion of leases, purchases and sales of real estate in Davidson and is surrounding counties in Tennessee.

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