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Bennett & Pressley, P.C.
(Formerly Michael J. Philbin, P.C.)
President & General Counsel,
Lawyers Escrow Service
TN BPR #005277
2021 Richard Jones Road, Suite 220
Nashville, TN 37215
615-345-0025, ext. 19 (Office)
615-480-8115 (Mobile)
615-457-8099 (Fax)
        Attorney with Broad, Deep Experience
  • Jury & Non-Jury Civil Trials
  • Corporate & Business Law
  • Government Representation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Labor & Employment Law
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Real Estate
  • Wills, Trusts & Estates
  • Rule 31 Certified Mediator, Tennessee

    Entrepreneur & Businessman

  • Public Company Board of Directors
  • Business Owner & Operator
  • Government Contractor
  • Experience as COO & CFO
  • Law, HR, Finance, Accounting

    21st Century Skillsets

  • E-Business
  • Adept Computer/Software User
  • Mobile Services

    Denny Bennett has a diverse and unique blend of legal and business experience that makes him at home in a wide variety of contexts. Denny is in his element in a courtroom, a corporate boardroom, a mediation or arbitration session, or a negotiation session (whether in reference to a lawsuit, a merger/acquisition deal, or other business, commercial, or real estate transaction). He is experienced and adept in drafting documents or analyzing and negotiating agreement terms and conditions in complex or simple business, commercial or real estate transactions. He can prepare or analyze financial statements and make or advise in making business valuation judgments, work with internal or external M&A experts, financial or accounting staff, or internal/external auditors.

    This is because Denny has engaged in the general practice of law in a small town (Sparta) and in a large city (Nashville) for 20 years. In his legal career he has been a city attorney and represented other public boards and commissions. He has tried many jury and non-jury trials in the state and federal courts across Middle Tennessee. He has briefed and argued many cases on appeal to the Tennessee Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Worker’s Compensation Review Panel, and the 6th Circuit U. S. Court of Appeals. His areas of practice have spanned across torts, product liability & worker’s compensation, corporate & small business representation, commercial transactions, local government law and civil rights liability of governments, officials and officers, corporate & commercial litigation, intellectual property/software ownership and licensing, copyright/trademark infringement, employment law and discrimination, contracts, wills & estates, real estate law including leasing, sales, financing and title insurance,. Denny has also written instructional materials and served as an instructor in CLE courses in worker’s compensation and employment law.

    In addition to his broad, diverse legal career, he has a wealth of outstanding experience of over 25 years in the world of business. He has served as General Counsel of a major operating unit of a Fortune 500 company (Sysco Corporation). He has served as a member of the Board of Directors, and as a member and Chairman of the Audit Committee, for a major public company (Fairfield Communities, FFD-NYSE). He has participated in ownership and management of an entrepreneurial startup business, Automated License Systems (ALS) and in several senior management positions in Active Network (Active) after its 2008 purchase of ALS.

    Attorney with Broad, Deep Experience

    • Jury & Non-Jury Civil Trials
    • Over 50 jury and 100 non-jury trials in state & federal courts across Middle Tennessee
    • Automobile and truck accident liability and damages
    • Labor & employment law (FMLA, ADA, discrimination in employment)
    • Copyright/trademark infringement
    • Products/construction/premises liability
    • Will contests
    • Worker’s compensation
    Corporate & Business Law
    • General Counsel for Robert Orr operating division of Sysco Corporation
    • Formed, prepared and maintained governance documents for all types of business entities
    • Established and managed stock option documents and plans
    • Extensive experience in purchases and sales or mergers of businesses
    • Advised businesses regarding management of legal liability risks
    • Established and overseen employee benefit plans (health insurance, flex plans, 401k’s)
    Government Representation
    • City attorney
    • Attorney for municipal boards (utilities, housing, industrial development)
    • Litigation attorney for governments and government officials and officers
    Intellectual Property
    • Litigation attorney, claims involving copyright/trademark infringement
    • Contracts covering ownership and licensing of software and other intellectual property
    Labor & Employment Law
    • Legal advisor, many businesses of all sizes, in labor and employment matters, risk prevention
    • Drafted/revised handbooks and other internal process governance documents
    • Handled numerous EEOC claims for businesses of all sizes
    • Litigated labor and employment claims
    • Prepared materials and lectured for CLE courses
    Worker’s Compensation
    • Litigated trials and appeals of many claims for plaintiffs and defendants
    • Prepared materials and lectured for CLE courses
    Real Estate
    • Negotiated/prepared many commercial and residential leases and sale contracts
    • Prepared/reviewed/corrected many deeds, liens, easements
    • Loan and purchase/sale closings, escrows, and title insurance
    • Foreclosures
    Wills, Trusts & Estates
    • Preparer of many simple and complex wills and trusts
    • Litigated multiple will contest claims
    Rule 31 Certified Mediator, Tennessee
    • Participant as a party representative in many successful mediations
    • Legal & business experience qualifies him across a broad spectrum of disputes
    • Experience and demeanor promotes participant confidence
    • Able to conciliate with authority using evaluation, facilitation and transformative styles

    Entrepreneur & Businessman
    • Public Company Board of Directors & Audit Committee
      • Fairfield Communities, FFD-NYSE
      • Helped oversee unprecedented growth and success culminated by sale for $765 million in 2001
    • Business Owner & Operator
      • Automated License Systems (ALS), part owner, COO, CFO
      • Helped facilitate sale of ALS to Active Network (Active) for over $28 million in 2008
      • Active, SVP Administration, then GM of Gov’t. Licensing business until 2015
    • Government Contractor
      • ALS and Active, contractor for over 20 U. S. state and Canadian province wildlife agencies
      • Technology services including hosting, software, and operational support services
      • Oversaw complex implementations and operation of enterprise technology systems
      • Distributed sales of hunting & fishing licenses, financial accountability, and data management
      • ALS and Active – the world’s largest seller of wildlife licenses via internet and mobile devices
    • Experience as COO & CFO
      • COO and Chief, Corporate Services (Legal, HR, Finance/Accounting and Facilities) of ALS
      • SVP Administration and GM of Active’s Gov’t Licensing Division
      • Responsibility for budgeting, operational financial performance, pricing in complex multi-year business models for recovery of implementation and operational costs via transaction fees
    • Law, HR, Finance, Accounting
      • As Chief of Corporate Services, ALS
      • As SVP Administration and GM, Active
    • 21st Century Skillsets
      • E-Business
      • Pioneer, online sales of recreational wildlife licenses
      • Online transaction and payment processing, document delivery and support systems
      • Merchant accounts for payment processing
      • Compliance with PCI standards
      • Adept Computer/Software User
      • Broad skills and experience in MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Project)
      • Knowledgeable user of Peachtree, Quickbooks and Quicken accounting software
      • User of numerous other web business tools (Web-ex, Dropbox, Sharepoint, Service Now)
    • Mobile Services
      • Thought leader toward mobile sales with legally acceptable e-licenses present on mobile devices

    Educated at Vanderbilt University (BA), University of Tennessee College of Law (JD), and attended Jack C. Massey Graduate School of Business, Belmont University.
    Licensed attorney in Tennessee (1977-present (BPR # 005277), and admitted to practice before Tennessee Supreme Court (1977), U.S. District Court, Middle District of Tennessee (1993) and 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals (1995).
    Prior private law practice experience at Camp & Camp, then Camp & Bennett, Sparta, TN (1977-1989) and at Taylor, Philbin, Pigue, Marchetti & Long, then Taylor, Philbin, Pigue, Marchetti & Bennett and Taylor, Pigue, Marchetti, Bennett & McCaskill, Nashville, TN (1992-1999).

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