Bennett & Pressley, P. C., Attorneys at Law

Ernest D. (Denny) Bennett, III and S. Nixon Pressley are not only officers of Lawyer’s Escrow Service, Inc. (“LES”), serving as President and Secretary, respectively, but are also partners in the practice of law, maintaining offices in Nashville and Mt. Juliet.

Bennett & Pressley, P. C. (“BPPC”) is the same entity as Michal J. Philbin, P. C., which was formed and operated by Michael J. Philbin, since 1999 until his death in April, 2015. Mike was also founder of LES and operated his law practice in conjunction with operation of LES. Denny and Nixon, both old and dear friends of Mike’s, acquired BPPC from Mike’s estate in May, 2015 and continue his legacy while expanding the firm’s footprint with an office in Mt. Juliet as well as Nashville.

Like Bob Scruggs, Nixon already had a solo law practice in Mt. Juliet with a growing real estate component, and looked to establish a strategic partnership that would furnish him with the service and support underpinnings needed for him to continue and escalate the growth of his real estate practice while enjoying the umbrella of service and support made even more necessary by the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) regulations. The BPPC partnership and its strategic alliance with LES does exactly that through a Business Services Agreement (“BSA”) that was implemented in August, 2015. LES opened a Mt. Juliet office adjacent to the BPPC Mt. Juliet office and staffed it with a closing processor, also supported by the excellent and experienced LES Nashville service and support infrastructure. LES now provides all of BPPC Mt. Juliet’s settlement, closing, title and escrow services.

Additionally, BPPC’s Nashville office is within LES’ Nashville office suite. The strong, tight strategic alliance between LES and BPPC offers the benefits of world class settlement, closing, title and escrow services along with stellar legal services across a broad array of real estate needs, residential and commercial, as well as the collateral areas of estates and trusts that frequently arise in connection with real estate ownership and transfer.

Like LES’ strategic partnership with Bob Scruggs, the LES relationship with BPPC is another unique, cutting-edge relationship formed and operating through the BSA, validating the working model, and is likely a forerunner to similar consolidating alliances in this industry that will be driven by the demands and burdens of CFPB regulations compliance.

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